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Microbe Plus’s microbes provide farmers with an efficient and sustainable solution to fuel their crops and boost yield.

Our ultimate goal is to design highly effective biological crop protection products that are accessible to farmers worldwide, driving optimal crop performance across the globe.

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Microbe Plus provides a comprehensive range of microbial-based solutions to protect, stimulate crop growth, and enhance yield. Our products contain carefully selected beneficial microbes that improve crops and soil health, as well as nutrient uptake. These beneficial microbes are chosen for their ability to colonize plants and create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the plant and the microbe. Our multi-strain biological products have been shown to help plants reduce both biotic and abiotic stress, providing farmers with a powerful tool to increase productivity and profitability. By utilizing natural microorganisms rather than synthetic chemicals, our solutions also contribute to a more sustainable farming system while reducing the impact on the environment.

Providing biological tools for next generation crop protection. How do we do it?

Here are some ways how we are providing biological tools for next generation crop protection. Microbe+ biologicals are made up of a carefully selected blend of bacteria that work together to create a healthy microbiome. We studied the interactions between different microorganisms and their effects on crops. By identifying the most effective combinations of microorganisms, we developed products that promote plant growth and protect against pathogens. Microbes that produce specific metabolites, enzymes, and phytohormones were selected and enhanced through clever fermentation techniques. By encouraging these microbes to work together, you created a high concentration of metabolites and other compounds that are favorable for crop growth and protection.

Science Driven. Field Proven Agricultural Validation.

To optimize our biological products, we utilize cutting-edge biological characterization and biochemical profiling of metabolites.

The efficacy of our products has been extensively tested on multiple crops and a broad spectrum of diseases. Achieving a high yield is simply not possible without supporting plants in the earliest stages of their growth. Carefully optimizing dosage and timing of application ensures optimal plant development from the beginning of the growing season and helps to obtain the highest production and best quality crop during harvest. Ultimately, this results in maximizing marketable yields.

Overcoming the challenges with BIOLOGICALS

We help farmers to manage a complex set of challenges and transform traditional agriculture into the sustainable one:
1) effective pathogen control – Microbe+ biologicals can help control plant diseases caused by pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Microbe+ products contain beneficial microorganisms or natural compounds that can suppress or prevent the growth of pathogenic organisms.
2) plant immunity – Our products can help enhance the plant's natural defenses against pests and diseases. We stimulate the plant's immune system, making it more resistant to pathogens. By improving plant immunity, farmers can reduce the need for chemical pesticides and improve the overall health and productivity of their crops.
3) residue reduction Biological crop protection products have a lower risk of leaving harmful residues on crops, soil, and water. This is because they are derived from natural sources and have a low toxicity profile. Farmers can produce safer and healthier food for consumers free from pesticides.

MICROBE PLUS BIOLOGICALS to drive crop performance


  1. natural-origin bacterial strains and naturally-occurring molecules produced by bacteria promote plant growth and development
  2. completely biodegradable
  3. no issues with residue in grains, fruit and vegetables
  4. increased storage / shelf life of fruit and vegetables
  5. suitable for use in both conventional and organic farming
  6. reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers


  1. promote plant growth and development
  2. improved productivity and yield quality
  3. increase plants’ tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses, ensuring that crops are better equipped to deal with environmental challenges
  4. proven effective in controlling a broad spectrum of pathogens in lab and field trials across multiple crops such as cereals, canola, potatoes, sugar beet, fruits, and vegetables.


  1. use with conventional equipment and facilities
  2. are compatible with tank mixing with other crop protection products such as fungicides, fertilizers, and other biostimulators
  3. do not require special storage requirements and can be stored at temperatures ranging from +5 to +38 ºC
  4. low application rates, making them an efficient choice for farmers

Microbe+ biologicals a convenient and practical option for farmers looking to improve their crop yields and promote sustainability in their farming practices.

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As experts in biotechnological research and agricultural innovation, we possess a unique advantage in terms of vision, passion, and intellectual property.


1. Microbe Plus was selected out of 3000 participants from 139 countries as one of the top 10 solutions in the TFF-Thought For Food x Hello Nature Topical Prize on Sustainable Crop Inputs.

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2. Microbe Plus was chosen as the most innovative start-up of the year - INNOVEIT Warsaw Prize 2022.

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3. Microbe Plus interview: The Ecosystem: innovation in biocontrol held back by lack of fast-track registration.

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4. Microbe Plus has been selected out of 1000 applications to be a part of EIT FOOD ACCELERATOR NETWORK 2022 and cooperate with University of Reading and University of Cambridge.

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5. Microbe Plus was selected to participate in this elite program MassChallenge Switzerland.

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6. Microbe Plus was recognized by Kozminski Business Hub report as a "Positive Impact Startups. Radical Social Innovation”.

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Microbe Plus is a strong advocate for promoting the use of biologicals in agriculture and raising awareness about the benefits of biopesticides, biostimulators, and biofertilizers.

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